Timothy Sassone's Portfolio

Scholastic, hobbiest and professional programming projects.

Glyph Picker

A simple tool built to aid the visual design of rogue-like and other ASCII/text based games by allowing developers to visually select color/character combinations to be used as glyphs.

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Tower of Azari

One of my earliest forays into game development continued in multiple languages, Tower of Azari is a simple rogue-like game with a high degree of modibility.

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Endless Swarm

A sci-fi, dual-stick shooter in which the player balances a search for greater rewards against a constantly increasing alien threat, all the while exploring constantly shifting environments.

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Building a Die-Roll Parser with C# and Irony

September 9, 2015

As part of a recent project to build a system for online, play-by-post RPGs, I have been working on a system to handle rolling various amounts and types of dice. The rolling itself is relatively simple, as I'm just using the built in Random class. However, I also needed the system to pull the details of what to roll from a string provided by the user. To do this I needed to develop a lexer/parser that could handle basic math as well as a custom operator to signify rolling dice.

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Endless Swarm Postmortem

April 29, 2015, updated April 29, 2015

As my team and I reach the conclusion of the semester we have to develop our twin-stick shooter capstone project I've written up a restrospective in which I examine what went right, and what went wrong with the project, as well as discussing some of the courses and other influences that helped me along the way.

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Code Snippet: Map Generation

April 28, 2015

My capstone project, a dual-stick shooter called "Endless Swarm," employed procedurally generated levels. To improve the appearance of these levels I developed a system which would select appropriate tiles to piece together a 3D level from a 2D character array.

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